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WildFire Bengals is a small, in home cattery that is located in huntersville, NC. We are just north of Charlotte at the bottom of Lake Norman.




What I find so desirable in Bengals besides their Wild look is their wonderful, playful personality. My Bengals greet me at the door when I come home. They follow me about the house eager to share in my activities. They will eagerly participate or create their own games. Hunter routinely brings me a toy to start a game of fetch. They are quick to show me where their toys are hidden. Yes...they know ALL the places I hide replacement/new toys.

Ambush, stalking, escape and pursuit are skills a young kitten perfects during play. A cat in the wild would use these skills in hunting. While regular housecats grow out of the playful kitten stage Bengals maintain distinct playful personalities. Bengals continue to play the games of young cats into their adulthood. They remain active and athletic cats.

...A loving and playful personality
...wild looking heads and excellent body type
...clear coats with good contrast and patterns
...whited tummies

International Cat Agility Tournaments (club)

The International Bengal Breeder's Association TIBBA Cattery of Excellence

Bengal Cat Connection

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